08/13/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Four

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Four

Fisher's Island

Laci and Grace

Today was another great adventure. We started our day with rice pudding and apples. It was really good. A-Watch got to go out on the bowsprit which is the very front of the boat. Some were a little scared at first, but they still had a great time. Right as we were hoisting the sails, a rain storm happened to begin. It was cold, wet, and foggy. Most people had to borrow rain gear, and others had their own. A couple hours went by of doing the boat checks, taking the helm, and taking turns on forward lookout. After, we were all soaked. Some people got a little sea sick. While we were all huddled in the salon, there were a few rounds of intense Uno. We then had an amazing lunch that consisted of chili and cornbread. A few hours after lunch the rain started to settle a little, then it stopped. For dinner we had some fried rice after setting up the awning, in case it were to rain again. I'm sure after a rainy day, we are all still having a great time.