08/12/16 - Seacoast Youth Services Weighs Anchor

Seacoast Youth Services Weighs Anchor

A Watch: Kaylyn, Katie, Olivia, Scott, Caleb, Kyle

Today we learned the responsibilities of the ship. It made us feel safe on the boat as well as becoming closer to one another. We did multiple activities including steering the boat, learning to tie specific knots and team building exercises. We learned many more things like anchoring the boat and raising the sails as well as taking them down. Many of us came on the ship kind of nervous but now that we had our full day we feel much more comfortable with each other and are showing that by simple things just as starting our new joke “the wild boys.” Nobody really knows what it means but it’s just our new thing. Sleeping is something we are excited about. Although the bunks are close together and a little too cozy for comfort we are ready to get some sleep!!! The helm is something that we have definitely taking a liking to. We are taking turns doing the helm with the captain so at this point not everyone has gotten to do that because it’s only the first day. The few of us that have had that experience it gives us the sense of ownership and responsibility for what is going on. The food is also amazing. We have different groups so we take turns setting up for meals and doing the dishes. There are many more days to come and we are looking forward to them. Learning all we did today, were going to come back pros.