08/12/17 - Sailing and Problem Solving

Sailing and Problem Solving

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Connor, Hunter, Roslynn

We all started our day off with a nice breakfast of breakfast pizza. A watch set up breakfast this morning while the other watches were taking care of their own chores. After we hauled the anchor and set the sails we began to make our way up north. The day started off with no wind and the Roseway maxing out on a blistering half knot per hour. While we underwent our long voyage north, the watches broke up and started to do their rotations. During the rotations we got to make some turk’s head bracelets, and learned how the Roseway and many other ships like her harnessed the wind. While lunch was being prepared the others were getting ready for the deckhand Olympics. When we were sailing we happened to hook onto a lobster pot. The crew thought of many different ways to set it free so we could finish our voyage stress free. Then we got cupcakes made by your own Vinncenzo, and your lovely cook Jen. Before dinner the students got to sit back and play a salt family song game. During dinner we got to see some friendly dolphins, and reflected on the lovely journey. It was a day packed with laughter and excitement, and now tonight we will be thinking of who will be the next deckhand Olympian. Tune in next time for the results of the deckhand Olympics.