08/11/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Two

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Two

Provincetown, MA

Eddie and Lili Rose

Today was the second day on the boat. We woke up to crew members singing Happy Birthday to JoJo. Then we had a pleasant breakfast of bagels and yogurt. After that we set sail to Provincetown. On our way to P-town we did our first day of morning chores, which consisted of a deck wash, galley clean, and fish hold clean up. Then we started rotations of active watch, seamanship skills, and bosunry. After one rotation we set up lunch and munched on pizza pie with chicken and vegetables and sides of apple sauce and potato chips. After we finished the last two rotations we celebrated JoJo's birthday with cupcakes, then anchored in Provincetown and had a very lovely and much needed swim call. The water was very cold but the Canadians were not frightened! When swim call was over we saw a family of dolphins and a seal. Sea life was very common today because we also saw whales in between our rotations! Dinner consisted of ham, quinoa, and green beans. Tomorrow we are headed for the Cape Cod Canal as we continue our journey to Long Island, New York. We watch the sun set as we prepare for anchor watch and the day ahead of us.