08/10/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day One

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day One

Boston Harbor Islands


Today is the first day. In the morning, everyone on board, including the Junior Watch Officers, a few new students, and the crew had a nice refreshing wake up meal of pancakes, eggs, fresh orange juice, orange slices, and bacon which had been perfectly cooked and made. The meal came with a side option of syrup and butter, which of course went perfectly. The JWOs got their shirts and the Roseway Crew got ready to welcome the expected students. Many people adapted well to the change in environment - while others were already used to the boat. But, it's the first day - many people are nervous and will miss everyone back at home and those far away. We're all having a great time despite the changes. Once everyone starts to know each other better it'll get even better. Luckily, we played several games and had time to make that peer-to-peer connection, which included a dice game made up by our wonderful crew. The day already went by so fast, and we all pitched in to make sure the ship is running its course. Dinner quickly approached, and was made up of noodles along with sausage and bread. Slowly, people began to talk and grew more used to this new setting. Our day is soon ending. We'll all be back sooner than you think, and we all miss you.