08/09/17 - Exploring Appledore Island

Exploring Appledore Island

Liam, Katie D., Dezirae, and Jack

August 9, 2017: Last night before we all went into our bunks we had an amazing opportunity to watch the moon rise from behind the island. During the night we had our first anchor watch, we had cookies and fruit for a snack. Some of the students had the last anchor watch of the night and they saw a seal and were able to watch the sunrise. The rest of the students got woken up at 7:30 and we had pancakes for breakfast. We then got in the small boat and went to Appledore Island and explored. We got to see one of the marine laboratories. While in the lab we got to use the touch tank which had crabs, clams, tiny fish, mussels and seaweed. Then we came back to the boat and had chicken curry for lunch. During reading and reflection some of us learned sea shanties while others read or reflected and some of the students just relaxed.  During seamanship we learned the history of the Roseway. We also learned how to read a chart.  Overall, today was a pretty eventful day. From doing anchor watches, exploring an island, seeing and touching creatures in tanks, and coming back and doing the normal boat rotation, it was a good day. Tomorrow we are definitely looking forward to potentially showering/swimming and going to Provincetown, MA.