08/09/18 - An amazing ending to our amazing 10-day adventure

An amazing ending to our amazing 10-day adventure

Peddocks Island, Boston Harbor

Gianna, Alex, Dez, and Baylee

This morning we woke up to a rainy, foggy sky. We put on our raincoats an headed up on deck for yet another great breakfast by Nick. It was scrambled eggs with a side of delicious bacon. After eating, we did our usual morning chores. During our chores the fog cleared up and the sun came out - we were relieved. We changed into warmer clothes and began to set sail. Once the sails were raised, we broke up into out watch groups. Some of us were on active watch while others learned knots, relaxed, and played games. Some people even saw a whale. While sailing we took turns climbing the shrouds. The shrouds are two ladder-like structures (four in total) on each side of the masts that reach the top of Roseway. It's a really cool thing to do because you can see everything from up there. As we entered Boston Harbor, we started to strike the sails. While setting up dinner, we anchored by Peddocks Island. After anchoring we fish furled the sails. We then had our last and final swim call. We had a delicious dinner of pizza and red cabbage and cucumber salad. An amazing ending to our amazing 10-day adventure.