08/08/17 - A Good First Day aboard Roseway!

A Good First Day aboard Roseway!

Callie, Tryston & Zoya

August 8, 2017: Before we left we all felt nervous because we didn’t really know anyone, we’ve never been sailing so we didn’t fully know what we were going to be doing on the ship. Upon seeing the ship we thought it was pretty cool. We then joined our new watch families, watch families are the people who help you take care of the ship. The different watches are active watch, R and R, and seamanship. We had lunch and we were shocked at how good the food was. Raising the sails was one of the best parts of the day. We also had a man overboard drill (it was a soccer ball), which was exciting. The crew is so nice and they explain everything we do so that each of us gets it, it makes us feel really comfortable. At the end of the day we still feel a little nervous, but also excited to go on the island tomorrow.