08/08/18 - Climbing the rigging and seeing whales while sailing!

Climbing the rigging and seeing whales while sailing!

Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Maya, Danelia, Ashton, and Max

We woke up to the robust scent of french toast. We then set sail for Manchester-by-the-Sea. We raised the jib, jumbo, foresail and mainsail. While we were underway, we got to go out on the bowsprit and climb the rigging! The scenery looked right out of a movie. Next, we went right into lunch. On the menu was beans and rice, with cheese quesadillas and salsa (yum!). There were seconds, and even thirds! After lunch and lunch cleanup, we saw a gray seal, and not long after, minke whales and possibly even a humpback! Then, we took our sails down and anchored at Manchester-by-the-Sea. Everyone got their swimsuits on for a swim call! The water was a little cold, but definitely not as cold as it was yesterday. We were all happy to be clean once again! Then, in our warm, dry clothes, we ate a dinner of salad, butternut squash, and shepherd's pie (which was very filling by the way). Now, as the sun sets, we will get ready for bed and prepare for our group anchor watches. Tune in tomorrow at muster for our last full day aboard Roseway.