08/07/18 - Learning about Gloucester and the schooner Adventure

Learning about Gloucester and the schooner Adventure

Gloucester, MA

Gianna, Felix, Tyler, and Will

Day seven! We start out the day with a swim call. The water was freezing but it was a great way to start out the day. After swimming, Nick made us another great breakfast which consisted of oatmeal and fruit salad. We then set sail on our way to Gloucester. On the way there we rotated doing chores, controlling the helm, doing bow watch, and seamanship. When we finally arrived in Gloucester, we took a tour of our sister ship, the schooner Adventure. We learned the slight differences between our ship and our sister ship. Both of our ships were fishing vessels in the 1920s and 30s. The architecture of the ships is a bit different and our sister ship appeared slightly taller. After seeing Adventure, we went to the Maritime Museum and the aquarium. In the museum we watched videos and building boat making ropes, and the Lipton Cup. The Lipton Cup is when three countries go out and try to get to the finish line first. Then we went to the aquarium. We help sea critters like crabs, lobster, and moon snails. Then we went back to the ship and ate a wonderful dinner of chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and orange flavored jello. And here we are anchored to our sister ship, Adventure, watching the sun set and writing the ships log.