08/04/19 - PMC: Day Six

PMC: Day Six

Casco Bay

Gunnar, Oscar, and Meyer

This morning we were woken up at 7AM by the crew members singing “Hello” by Adele. We had a group morning muster, and ate oatmeal with lots of toppings for breakfast. After breakfast we broke up into our watch groups and collectively cleaned the sleeping quarters, the deck of the boat, and the galley. After that all hands were needed to help set sail and get underway. We left Sheepscot Bay and are headed for our final destination, Newcastle, New Hampshire. After the sails were set we broke up into our watch groups to learn navigation and bosunry skills. We stood active watch and some of us climbed the rig. After a long day of sailing we arrived in Casco Bay and dropped the anchor. The crew then had a little down time to prepare to enjoy a chilly but refreshing swim call. We then settled down for a dinner of kielbasa, rice, and vegetables. With a few hours left in the day the crew is ready for a restful night of sleep preparing for our late night and early morning anchor watches. OH yeah we had lunch too.. we had quesadillas with chips, salsa, gazpacho, and lots of toppings.