08/05/18 - Using Boston as our classroom!

Using Boston as our classroom!

Boston, MA

Max, Maya, Daniela, and Eddie

We started our morning with banana muffins and watermelons for breakfast. There were seconds! We did our morning chores, then headed over to the Boston Tea Party Museum. There, we learned more about the Boston Tea Party by acting as the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. Everyone had a lot of dun dumping tea off the ship! We "huzzah'd"! and "fie'd" our way to the museum, where we saw the last surviving tea crate from the Boston Tea Party and a small vile of tea said to be from the Boston Tea Party as well. Then we found our way to the Boston Children's Museum and ate lunch. Lunch consisted of PB&J, chips, an apple, and a granola bar. Then we went back to the boat. From the boat we took a walk to Lawn on D. On our way we had lime popsicles which everyone was happy for since it was so hot. At Lawn on D, we played games of giant jenga, checker, and chess. We also had fun on the big swings. We walked back to the boat for a dinner of chili mac. Then we learned how to play the ukulele (thanks Eric!). We ended our night with an unexpected frisbee overboard drill which Eric ended up saving - a man (with a great forehand) threw the disc at us! Then, some lady threw it into the ocean! Good thing Eric was there to save it!