08/04/18 - A day of history and adventure!

A day of history and adventure!

Boston, MA

Felix, Gianna, Tyler

We started out the day with another great breakfast by Nick. He cooked debatably spicy scrambled eggs with bacon. We also did morning stretches and did 4 "I'm a Stars" because it's day 4. During our daily morning muster, Hugh told us a little about the USS Constitution ship. After finishing up our chores, we headed towards the USS Constitution Museum and ship. It was a long walk, but people got to see parts of Boston they haven't seen before on the way. When we got to the museum, we split up into groups to explore. John had us each get 1 fun fact from the museum. We also did a scavenger hunt where we had to find a shape-shifting dog hidden in different parts of the building. We then ate a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, Oreos, and oranges. After lunch we walked to over to the ship. It was much bigger than the Roseway. There were 3 stories accessible to the public. We got to see how sailors used to live. After walking back, we went to the World Ocean School office and watched Moana. This evening we had a dinner of chicken legs, green bean casserole, and stuffing. After dinner during chores, we saw a proposal at the restaurant by our dock. It was a happy ending to an adventurous day.