08/05/15 - Rainbows from the Rig

Rainbows from the Rig

Stellwagen Bank

C Watch: Aidan, Emily, Tatyana, Niamh, Aliviya, Shannon, Hix,Michael C.

After our first anchor watch we all awoke to a wet morning, we could hear the distant rumblings of the thunder and the piercing brightness of the lightning. We braced ourselves for a rainy day.

We then ate breakfast which consisted of eggs, sausage and pancakes that we had to eat below decks, huddled together like a chicks in a pen. We then did chores and weighed anchor. Then we raised the sail and headed out to Stellwagen Bank, on a search for whales.

However, due to the threat of a storm we had to stay within sight of land. We had a whole lesson about whales and Shannon’s favorite animal the Mola mola, also known as a giant ocean sun fish. Once we anchored in Gloucester we had an opportunity to go up the rigging, At that time the weather had cleared the sun was shining and there was a double rainbow WITH LOTS OF VIBRANT PURPLE.

Climbing up the rigging was scary at first but the view at the top was rewarding. What you saw was the sun setting over Gloucester. We all cheered each other on while each person climbed to their own comfort level. With support a lot of people pushed their comfort zones, beyond our expectations.

Then for dinner it was taco Tuesday! The tacos consisted of meat, cheese, beans, and veggies and of course guacamole! Today was full of yellow-light risk’s, learning and lots of fun. Tomorrow we continue our search for whales and look forward to our journey to come.