08/04/16 - A Whale of a Good Time!

A Whale of a Good Time!

A Watch: Emily, Aiden, Leda, Sarah, Antonio, Nick

Today, we had a WHALE of a good time. We finally left Gloucester this morning and started sailing back toward Stellwagen Bank, which is rich in the plankton that whales need.. On the trip through Stellwagen we encountered two separate associations of both minke whales and humpbacks. Duane daringly climbed to the top of the main mast to help look for whales and the rest of the crew and campers took pictures. All of us raced from the port and starboard rails bursting with the excitement of spotting so many whales. While many kept their distance from the boat, some came close enough to allow us to see their dorsal fins and even their form through the green blue water. It was humbling to see such giant animals so close to us. 

Later, we practiced knots and coils for deckhand Olympics. GO ALPHA WATCH! Overall on this trip, we’ve learned new things, made lots of new friends, and we’ll have a lot of great memories to look back on. And some memes. That too.