08/03/19 - PMC: Day Five

PMC: Day Five

Sheepscot River

Lance & Ben, Damien

Today we started to do commands on our own. The day went very smooth with nice winds, making a great day for sailing. Everyone got along much better and connected really well. We started in Portland and ended up in the Sheepscot River after the wind flipped on us in the afternoon. We got to climb the rigging and sit out on the bowsprit. For breakfast, we had burritos with lots of options for fillings. Lunch was potato salad with green beans and slaw, and for dinner we had stir fry over rice with vegetables and a Thai coconut curry. Everything was delicious and the day of sailing went great.

My beginning of the day went very well. I woke up to a good breakfast and a very great morning. I got to call out the commands to raise sail and I think I did a great job. After a while I got a little muggy to the stomach. It got worse over time but luckily we have good crew mates to help me out in that time. After a while I got sent to bed to help out with the sickness. When I woke up everyone on the ship was coming up to me asking me if I needed anything and if I was okay, which I’m really thankful for because it really shows that everyone cares for everyone, which is a good thing to have around. Towards the end of the day I felt better and I got to play guitar to the crew which was a fun part of the day. Now we’re here at the end and we’re going to bed which I can’t wait until. I can’t wait for tomorrow!