08/03/18 - Touring Boston

Touring Boston

Boston, MA

Nathaniel, Dez, and Bella

A day of voyage around the city started out because the shaft to the engine is misaligned so people have to re-align it. Although we have this problem, that didn't stop us from having a good day. Between 12:30 and 1:00 is when our adventures began. We went to the Freedom Trail, Christopher Columbus Park, Paul Revere's house, North Church, Boston Massacre, City Hall, and we spent a lot of time at Boston Commons. And thanks to John we got pops. Tim gave us a history lesson about the city. In one of the history lessons that Tim talked about we learned about Paul Revere's house and how he had nine children. After spending some time in a park we started our walk back to the boat. Once we got back we had dinner, which was ravioli, and learned how to tie a turkshead. After we finished learning that, we had evening muster to talk about tomorrow's plan.