08/02/18 - Sailing at 12 knots!

Sailing at 12 knots!

Baylee, Ashton, and Maya

Today we woke up from our first night on the ship. Throughout the night we all had to wake up at some point for anchor watch. Anchor watch consists of boat checks, bearing checks, and our midnight snack (which happened to be cookies). Once we all got out of bed we had fluffy blueberry pancakes and were ready for a full day of sailing. At first the winds were calm and we were going a consistent speed but around 1300 the winds started picking up and we caught tremendous speed. At one point we were going 12 knots and we had to strike the main sail. It was really windy which made it hard to stay standing up. The key is to keep a wide stance and feet planted! Having wide feet helps. We are planning to sail to Salem tomorrow. We ate a dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies. Then, we furled the sails to prepare to anchor. We spent the rest of the night bonding over fun games.