08/02/16 - A New Day Brings New Skills

A New Day Brings New Skills

B Watch: Lexi, Jonathan, Trey, Drew, Amber, Olivia

Tuesday August 2nd was the second day of our five day trip. We woke up this morning still tired from anchor watches the night before and expecting rain during breakfast. Fortunately, the gray skies cleared and the rain never came. We were able to eat breakfast, finish chores, set sail and get underway, excited for the day ahead.

Throughout the day we were able to climb the rig while sailing. Some of us were scared, some a little nervous, but we all felt adventurous putting on bright orange harnesses and making our way up the intimidating black ladder like structure that make up the rigging. Some members of the group conquered a fear of heights, and we had fun cheering each other on.

Once we arrived in Gloucester everyone disappeared below to change into swimsuits and get ready for a swim call off the side of the boat. Everyone had a lot of fun jumping in to the water, which was surprisingly warmer than we had expected.

After finishing our second full day on the boat we’re able to reflect on some of the new skills we’ve learned, and feel our aching muscles as proof of the hard work we’ve been putting into raising the sails. As difficult as it may be, hauling up the sails has been very rewarding.

After our refreshing swim and a delicious dinner while anchored in Glouester Harbor, we’re looking forward to anchor watches tonight.