08/01/18 - Playing games under the setting sun

Playing games under the setting sun

Will, Brukasya, and Carlos

This morning the Junior Watch Officers (JWOs) woke up and helped the crew prepare to welcome the new Summer Ambassador students. As the students got settles in, we went to a field and introduced ourselves in a big circle. After the introductions we set sail and performed various safety drills. We practiced what to do in the event of a fire, man overboard, and abandon ship. After going through various procedures, we set sail and began our journey out of the dock and departed to the gas station to fill the boat's tank with diesel fuel. We then practiced the safety procedures that were introduced to us on our fuel journey It was actually sort of interesting and we learned that when you do a drill you have to constantly repeat that you are doing a drill. I guess that works if you forget what you are doing. After that we talked further about rules of the ship and expectations of the crew, the JWOs, and the students. Nick cooked us the second meal of the day which was even better than lunch. After, we settled in and played games under the setting sun.