08/01/16 - New England Aquarium's Harbor Discoveries Campers Set Sail Aboard Roseway

New England Aquarium's Harbor Discoveries Campers Set Sail Aboard Roseway

A Watch: Sarah, Antonio, Aiden, Nick, Leda, Emily

First thing in the morning we, the Campers of Camp Harbor Discoveries, got to know each other with a challenging game of ball toss. We worked on thinking outside the box and communicating different ideas with each other. Then we boarded the boat and split into three watches: A watch, B watch, and C watch. After loading our bags on the boat, taking a tour and learning about ship safety we had a delicious lunch of tuna fish sandwiches and orange slices. 

Next, we rotated into active watch, and throughout our watch we rotated through bow watch, boat checks, steering the boat, and polishing the bell. On bow watch we used different signals to tell the captain what’s ahead of the boat. We learned that communication was important and that non-verbal communication was very helpful. 

During out next rotation, Seamanship, we learned how to tie various knots. We could not stop making knot puns, despite disapproving looks from our own watch members. It was frustrating –when you messed up a knot you had to start over, however, it was also satisfying because you got to see your work completed. Then we switched into Reading and Reflection where we drew, read, and played solitaire. 

We returned to Active watch while we prepared for anchor for the night. Some of us got the opportunity to venture onto the bowsprit to furl the jib sail.  It was kind of scary because some of us were afraid that we would fall, but it was exciting and the view was phenomenal. We then set up our dinner of make your-own burritos, and dried the dishes, which was challenging and reminded one of our crew members of home. We are satisfied with how today went and we can’t wait for anchor watch.