07/30/19 - Piscataqua Maritime Commission (PMC): Day One

Piscataqua Maritime Commission (PMC): Day One

Rockport, MA

Entire Crew

To start, we toured the ship, going from the deck to the galley to the fish to get our bunks. We worked cohesively to raise the sails and leave the harbor. With many hands, every task felt conquerable. Underway, we learned all the emergency procedures, saw two whales, and had a laugh as Mack seamlessly thieved Oscar’s hat. While we prepared to anchor, the work went even faster. Every new crew member showed incredible effort, and demonstrated how much they learned about sweating and palming the lines. We are all excited to jump in the ocean and swim, to learn more about how to sail, and to climb the rigging!

Photo Credit: Jessica Scranton Photography