07/31/17 - Mid-Way Voyage Poems

Mid-Way Voyage Poems

7/27/17: Poems written mid-way through the voyage:


Waves reflect emotions

Along the motions from coast to coast

Along the way, bringing out bad behavior

To reveal our true nature

Achieving that inner peace while sailing on sea

The balance of yin and yang because things will always change

Pressures will always rise in the eye of the storm

And the fog will always come no matter how your sails are torn

But that’s that negativity talking

That’s that bad behavior rocking waves for days

But that’s that reality talking. I’m trying to change my ways

But I stay rocking that wave.



It's early I don’t

Have off, I hate

Mosquitos I’d rather

Moths it’s like

4 in the morning

They’re like “write

A poem” But I’m trying

To do volts and amps

And go back to sleep

I know that didn’t

Rhyme but whatever

I'll focus cuz if

You’re not happy on

This boat

You’ll be stressed

The days are longer

But the people work

Harder. Then the tasks

Get harder and the people

Work smarter.

It's boat check time.

I’m out. 

Left: Waldy clips in! Everyone onboard wears harnesses and are clipped onto “jacklines” which run from Bow to Stern on the Roseway, ensuring their safety in inclement weather during the voyage. Right: Alejandro takes some time to practice ukulele during his R&R in his bunk. 

Left: Jasline and crew member Jamee get serious as they haul on the Foresail Halyard. Right: Joe keeps his focus at the helm amid the rain.