07/23/18 - Whale watching!

Whale watching!

Gloucester, MA

Logan, Landon, and Judith

As we woke up around 7:30 C watch set up breakfast containing grits with cheese and sausage, normal grits, and oranges. As we prepare this delicious meal we had our morning announcements and stretches containing Butterflies, Lady Stretch, Tim's Trunk Rotations, Quad Stretch, Lygon Squats and Sun Gods. Since today was day 6 we all did 6 I'm a stars. Then the OHP and Lady Maryland motored off. Then we eat breakfast starting off with with A watch, then B watch and saving the best for last C watch to finish off the meal. Then we sail off the anchor which means we raise the 4 and main sail before raising the anchor then raising the jib and jumbo sails. After a while A watch was on active watch. A couple people including Landon, Sam, Aiden, Laura, JT and Judith played a big game of cards. A couple of hours later we hear "Whale on Port Side" from our captain at the helm. Then it was meal time and we all eat homemade beef stroganoff. As we all sit down eating our nice meal and whale watch some of us decide to take a little nap. Then soon enough the time comes for C watch to climb the 75 foot ladder up to the top of the 4 mast and A watch to climb up on the bow sprit with being able to see the water only a few feet below them. Our view was much better since we are the coolest watch. Anyway shortly after our amazing climb we started on active watch. Once we got on active watch our cool deckhand educators John, Krystina and Nick made a game plan for us to complete our chores. Judith and Laura tied knots with Krystina while Landon was on the helm, Logan was on bow watch and Aidan and Richard cleaned the head. We then switched duties at the halfway point and finished our watch. We arrived at Gloucester Harbor and while sailing ate dinner that consisted of baked beans, green beans and hot dogs. Right after dinner we lowered sails and came into Gloucester Harbor.