07/20/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Eleven

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Eleven

Provincetown, MA


The past week has been awesome, I never thought I would sail a boat and meet so many fun adults in one area. I was shy at first and embarrassed to talk with everyone but I opened up because of everyone saying they liked me. My leg got infected and Tierney and Stone came with me and I’m happy because we all had some fun talks, and time went by fast with them. Then, we got to ride in the small boat with Greg and Brandyn which was pretty fun. When we got to the boat everyone painted their pinky fingers blue and welcomed me back and it was the nicest welcome back I’ve ever had. After that, I started trying to talk to everyone more. We also went to a zip line park and Leona let me use her camera and I had a wonderful time seeing Stone and Chris scared, seeing Zenobia stuck on the walkway for like 5 minutes, and photographing everyone. Everyone did great at the courses and so far sailing the ship in hot weather is terrible but still fun, even hauling up all of the sails. It’s honestly pretty looking at the scenery of the ocean and the land. It’s great to just sit and stare, and I hope none of you change - you’re all great people, and I hope I did great in your interview Leona!

- Michael