07/20/18 - An impromptu man overboard drill!

An impromptu man overboard drill!

Newport, RI

Sam, Brad and Mike

We woke up at 0730 after a long night of anchor watches. We had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and banana bread. We raised anchor and set sail out of Buzzard's Bay. A few cadets helped fix the gaff. A and C watches practiced seamanship skills such as tying knots while B watch took naps before taking active duty. We then putt the gaff up on the main sail and then raised the main sail. While doing boat checks, all the crew was able to plot our positions using latitude and longitude. During the 1200-1600 active watch cycle, one of our fellow shipmates lost his hat to the wind, so the captain saw this as an opportunity to practice a man overboard drill, which was a complete success because the crew knew where to go and what to do. Some people of the crew in B watch helped our amazing cook wash dishes and move food around for our amazing dishes. Said amazing cook made us a delicious dessert pizza with honey granola and brown sugar. The crew then learned more seamanship skills and played a few games. C watch then prepared the ship for dinner. And don't forget about our deck wash. After a great dinner of chicken and pasta salad, the crew lowered and furled all four sails. And here we are writing the ships log as we set down anchor off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island.