07/20/17 - Anchor Watch Songs

Anchor Watch Songs

Rockland, ME

July 19, 2017: This morning we woke up to another foggy day, but we were able to jump in the water and wash up for the first time in a few days! Another day with little wind and lots of fog, but students and crew came together to make it to Rockland, Maine. We learned our pins, plotted our location, and watched the radar through the fog. As we arrived at our anchorage, the fog lifted, the sun came out, and we were able to enjoy the beautiful rocky coastline at sunset. 

Each evening, Roseway Crew wakes up in shifts to check on the boat and make sure our anchor isn’t dragging. There are activities each night—last night’s activity was to write a song about Roseway. Here are three songs written by the BDEA and Roseway Crew!

I rap like rozay on the Roseway

Stone says “lights out at 10” we don’t do that but anyways

Got my headlight on that means my future is bright

But when I look outside, no bearings in sight.

Water Shoes strapped up tight

Watch the anchor don’t drift at night

We hold the line, it doesn’t bite

I tie knots so tight it cuts the wood like termites

And when C watch comes together, we’re like Poseidon’s Might.

R to the O to the S-E- Way

I could sail her all day

Rocking on the water like a baby’s crib

No place I rather live

Jen feeds us nice with her grub

Always something that I love

Salad, chilli, homemade bread

Keeping us all well fed

Washing the soles and the bowls

Cleaning the deck with a fire hose

Shining the bell and cleaning the fish

Scrubbing and drying every dish

R to the O to the S-E- Way

I could sail her all day.

We’ll start today on the Roseway

The fog is very misty

Ships sailing in the distance

Weary eyed through the mist

Dirty hard working putting in that elbow grease

Waves carry through from one place to another

Back home seems like a blessing

We’re still waiting for some peace

Rocking the boat makes people lose their way

We’re birds without a nest

Trying to rest in a space that’s overwhelming

Environment of extremes, nights without dreams

Mixed emotions through the fog

We find each other when were lost

On long days we treasure nights.

Left: Waldy, Tai, and Jen take in the sunset after anchoring. Right: Science aboard Roseway is never dull when crew get involved! Cara, a deckhand on Roseway, helps lead an ecology lesson.

Left: Anthony keeps clean aboard Roseway by jumping into the bay! Sailors were able to shower today and took full advantage of the warmer water. Right: Morgan hauls on the jib downhaul while Joe monitors her progress.