07/19/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Ten

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Ten

Kettle Cove, Naushon Island, MA

Jayson P.

It’s been about a week and a half and who would have thought that the people on this ship would be very close friends to me. Claire, man I thought I would have never got close to you but look now, a bruised rib and a couple of cuts later and I can see that you’re an amazing person who cares about others. Erica, I’m sitting here thinking how I became friends with this weird annoying but amazing beautiful best friend and that’s all I can ask for. Angel, the first time I met you I could tell that you were gonna be a close brother to me, you check in on me, make sure I’m ight, and we both have good conversations with each other. I appreciate you as a brother and a friend. Siukey, you’ve been the best boat mom ever, you make me smile even in the worst times, and help people when in need. Don’t worry, Imma still annoy you in school but you’ll always be in my heart. I couldn’t write about everyone in this ship’s log but just know you guys are very important people to me and I hope you all have a successful life. Overall this trip has been amazing and I hope we all get to see each other in the future and talk about what’s goin on. But right now imma sign out cause my ribs hurt, goodnight y’all.