07/19/18 - Passing through the Cape Cod canal

Passing through the Cape Cod canal

Sippican Neck in Buzzards Bay

Laura, Aidan and Richard

We woke up at 0730, we got ready for a delicious breakfast. We took up the anchors, set the sail and started off to Cape Cod. We all helped setting sail and learned how to navigate through the tough waters. Just before we reached the cape we ate an amazing lunch by the one and only Stacy. After lunch we sat down with our watch groups and learned how to make coils with the lines. We learned to hang up the coils and we all took a class on navigation. Some of us got to steer at the helm. The watch squads that weren't on active watch got to take a power nap, which was lit. Not long after that, Cape Cod was in view, we all came topside midships to help hoist down the sails. Then we all lined up at the edge of the boat to wave at the pedestrians. We went under the bridges of the canal and started to see the end. We even got to see Nick's brother Ethan on a tugboat. After all that we got prepared for a fantastic dinner. After we ate, the active watch cleaned up while the others put down the anchor and got in their bathing suits. The active watch then got ready, and the we all went swimming while the sun set behind us.