07/18/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Nine

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Nine

Orient Harbor, Long Island NY

Erica C.

It’s been 9 days here on the Roseway, and only 4.5 left. I got to be honest the first few days were tough for me but on day 5 everything changed. I’ve made amazing new friends, having dance parties, and especially feeling loved! Throughout this trip I have been supported endlessly with being seasick, becoming closer to my crew mates, facing fears, and the best of all WATERMELON DANCES! I’m so thankful for this opportunity to not only come out of my comfort zones but also meet the most amazing, energetic, and supportive family that was built here on the Roseway. Home is definitely missed but I know Roseway and the crew of 2019 will be much more missed once we leave.

Boston we are almost home

Love, Peace, and Ahoy,
Erica C