07/17/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Eight

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Eight

Kevin and Lily

Lemme tell you something... man aren’t we excited to get home. I miss my bed, and my bathroom- specifically the shower. I miss hearing my mom yell my name at the top of her lungs every time I do something wrong or if she wants me to go to the corner store for her. Although I miss all these things back home, I’m still having a once in a lifetime experience. Who’d have thought I’d be okay with showering in the ocean. Oh wait.. Mr. Stone did!!

- Yours truly Kev the man

We’re finally starting the journey back home, I’m super excited to get in as many miles within each day. I’m missing home like crazy, but I’m savoring every moment on the Roseway before I forget it al when I’m finally home. The crew and their personalities will be burned into memory, and my experiences will be a great story to tell to my cats. Thank you World Ocean School!

Lilly Billy