07/17/17 - Connect, Learn and Listen

Connect, Learn and Listen

Portsmouth, NH


July 16, 2017: Hey guys as you know, it’s Mo, and I’m just happy to be on this trip. Today was another great day that started off with a beautiful sunrise during my night watch. Waking up this morning was tough but my mood was quickly changed by a couple of jokes made on the boat. From Rachel “giving” me her glasses to Zach and Jamee teaching us points of sailing. I’m very appreciative of all the support the crew gives me even when I don’t feel motivated. I can’t wait to see more baby whales and gain more experiences as we travel across the water. Being able to connect, learn and listen to people are my favorite parts about the trip and it’s only day 3. 

Left: Brandon, Jahcari, Dante, and Jasline sweat a line while raising sail. Right: Mo handles the hose after deck wash in the morning.

Left: Taurus and Joe take some time to journal during R&R. Right: Dante keeps his eyes on the horizon while getting a turn at the helm.

Left: Tai announces what’s for dinner to the crew after setting the anchor. Right: Jasline gets a hang of furling the mainsail.