07/15/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Six

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Six

Hempstead Harbor

Concentration under the constellation
Reflections both inside and out
Us here wondering what it’s all about
Saved with no waves
Mast standing sentry
I don’t know if we’ll ever figure it out
But here we sit under the stars wondering who
We really are
Tomorrow morning adventure awaits and duty calls
We will save our wondering before evening falls

What a starry night
Where my sleep tends to fight
But my mind fascinated in its own rights
Feelings of home, images roam
Calm and collected, night watch zone
Oh, what a starry night.

I hate out mosquitos love biting my leg
I wish we all jumped in fresh water instead
It’s been a late night without a snack
But (thanks to Zenobia) those sour patch kids are about to smack
Waking people up is getting hard
But it’s okay because I’m a star.

Once upon a midnight dreary
I walked the schooner weak and weary
I lifted up the old sole board
and read a number to be remembered nevermore
Impossible! How can this be?
I see pro-crew that laughs at me
I gaze back down and am pleased to see
A long bolder stick relieving me
My voice echoes as I read out... 3