07/15/17 - Welcoming BDEA Students aboard Roseway

Welcoming BDEA Students aboard Roseway

July 14, 2017: On Friday afternoon, students arrived for the first day of the International Summer Learning Voyage (ISVL), a three-week voyage sailing to Nova Scotia and back! They settled in to their bunks, played bonding games with the crew, participated in a photo shoot, and welcomed parents on board for a tour of Roseway. After a well-deserved dinner from Jen the cook, students were eager to get a good night sleep to be ready to raise the sails on Saturday. 

“I woke up today feeling really nervous for this trip. But now that I’m on the boat, I think this will be fun, once I get used to everything. I’m curious to see what is going to happen. I want to swim in the ocean!” -Tailonne, BDEA Student

Left: Teachers Aaron and Alyson high-five. Right: Students and crew gather at the bow for a photo shoot.

Left: B Watch gathers for their first meeting! Right: Dante and Taurus compete in a name game.

Students welcome guests and BDEA parents aboard Roseway.