07/14/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Five

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Five

Clinton Harbor

BDEA Full Crew

Today we set off to the aquarium in great hot weather. Beluga whales were the first massive life to catch the group’s eye, then we continued to some private quarters in the aquarium lab and animal hospital (the inside of a beluga whale’s stomach resembles a brain)! A-watch enjoyed touching sting rays, looking at amphibians, and then spreading out to enjoy each section to its full potential (the AC was BOMB)!! After leaving, Mr. Stone provided complimentary ice cream which was incredible, and everyone was super appreciative. Mystic Connecticut will be a great memory and experience.

Then we did painting with Claire, and Nick came in clutch letting us make our own ramen with no generator (Shout out to Nick)! Then Nina ate way too much ramen.

After dinner, we all mustered and played a game called “adventure island.” During this time, Johnson’s penguin earned its name of “Charlie” for the remainder of the trip. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed each other’s company, but during this time Michael and Stone were being retrieved from the shores. As a way of showing support to Michael, a handful of crew members (basically everyone) painted their nails to match Michael’s (you the man, Michael).

As the trip goes on, our community is becoming stronger, more supportive of each other, and we are all (gradually) expanding our comfort zones. This makes it easier for everyone to feel supported and try new things! Tomorrow, we will be working hard to make it towards New York!

Signing off,

BDEA (Full crew)