07/13/18 - ...and this has been a day in the life of a sailor.

...and this has been a day in the life of a sailor.


4:00 am - It's 4:16 am that I decide to start this log well I'm guessing that this is gonna be a long day.

6:00 am - I decided to stay up after watch. I couldn't get anymore sleep probably because the fish hold smells to the equivalent of a gorilla pit. But my sleep situation aside for a second I had a nice start to my morning. I played some chess with two of the shipmates from my watch. Yeah I know what you're thinking, I have "boring" mornings, well no I do not, life on the Roseway is never boring there is always something to do or something going down.

8:30 am - Seal break! :-)

10:02 am - Chess seems to be the game that a third of the crew enjoys. I'm just writing as much as I can see just so I can successfully complete this ships log as I said this is gonna be a long day.

10:16 am - Slow start to the day everyone is crossing their fingers for a whale to show but I'm guessing we haven't seen one cause we haven't reached feeding grounds. With a little bit of luck we might yet see a whale.

10:23 am - Time for a guitar break! I've only been playing string instruments for 10 days and everybody already thinks I'm a master (or at least a beast).

Backtrack - Another day and another time flake the anchor chain same old same old nothing too special just an easy way to get your hands dirty. Besides that, interesting way to get the sails up today I was one with the stopper knot one with the midshipman's hitch (reminder tell someone to replace that line) in other words trust your knots.

Backtracking AGAIN!!! - I stole the boat check clipboard, A watch takes bow watch from me, I take boat check from B watch.

10:40 am - Another boat check completed by the man the myth the legend Victor "and the crowd goes wild," "ahh ahh!" 

11:30 am - Plotting next boat check ambush, no one can have it I am an army of one.

11:34 am - "Whale starboard bow!" cries Cap'n Alec. I look I cannot see anything. "Whale off the port bow!" Yells Cap'n Alec. In other words we saw a pod of whales.

2:08 pm - Forgetting what to write and struggling to remember this is what happens when you get lost in the sound of your own guitar magic.

2:30 pm - Ukulele break need some time to think (already forgot we're sailing wing on wing that's pretty cool I guess, this is weird trying to inform people about a day on the Roseway through my eyes).

2:46 pm - Need to learn new songs for uke/guitar. I've been listening to the same chords and notes for a while.

4:33 pm - At this point where I have no idea what to write so here's a panda I guess. (drawing of a panda).

Oh god another page :-(

4:40 pm - Waiting for something to happen.

4:58 pm - Time to sail this ship home!

6:25 pm - Finished drifting the ship at 8 knots I am a damn speed demon I blame the fruit snacks!

6:58 pm - I have learned that one of my watch members is the little Forrest Gump, chess seems to be the favorite on this vessel.

7:00 pm - Main Engine: secured. Port Battery Bank: volts-25.49 / amps-8.74 / CE-45.6. Starboard Battery Bank: volts-25.00 / amps-21.5 / CE-83.0. Generator: FWD / hours-84868 / temp-140 degrees / oil press-50. Waste-250. Fuel-400. H20-1. Fridge-46 degrees / freezer-8 degrees. 

7:30 pm - It sounds quite boring or confusing to land dwellers and I definitely did not need 4 pages to explain my day but to sum it up in small words: I started my day at 4:00 am I played chess with friends. I ate breakfast, I raised sails, played the guitar and the ukulele, I saw whales up close, I took a nap, I sailed the ship at the top speed of this trip of 8 knots while being all jittery off my fruit snacks and I brought down the sails with my crew.

And this has been a day in the life of a sailor.

Fair winds and following seas.