07/12/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Three

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Three

Harbor of Refuge, Point Judith, Rhode Island

Angel C.

Today on the Roseway was a tough day. I woke up to a nice song by the one and only Adele and that was something else. The Roseway is honestly a great experience - it’s a whole other world you enter. At first doing boat checks sounded straight garbage but you learn to love it. My favorite is definitely the engine room. We was the first watch today to do pick your own adventure. Knowing me and how the weather was this morning with the crazy waves and foggy moist weather... I chose to sleep. Can’t lie I was pretty tired but you learn to love the little things. After the morning passed I really just wanted to get in the water but before anything we had to get class work done. I was kinda slacking today but I’ll pick it up tomorrow. After the crappy weather passed and the blues, the sun came out the water calmed and a seal even stopped by! He seemed lazy and lightened up everyone’s day. I could write pages about today but nah Angel signing out.