07/11/19 - Summer Learning Voyage: Day Two

Summer Learning Voyage: Day Two

Buzzard’s Bay

Johnson Le

It’s been an adventurous 24 hours on Roseway. Everyone made it in good shape to say the least. The best part so far is Nick’s cooking (Thanks again Nick!), though the best has yet to come. I’m satisfied that no one is homesick, seasick, or phone-sick. Within the first 24 hours we’ve learned the names for each sail, it’s corners, and edges. I managed to hijack Anna, Greg, and Brandyn’s knot tying lesson by recalling my memories from being a boy scout (honestly I’m surprised that being a Boy Scout would be useful sailing), and we all managed to put the new main sail up! So far, things are going pretty swell, everyone is positive and fun to be around, and also pretty sticky. Hopefully we can FINALLY swim tomorrow. As for now, I’m signing off. Catch y’all on the flip side.