07/11/18 - Staying positive for the sake of everyone on the boat

Staying positive for the sake of everyone on the boat


It is now 5:31 and Lorenzo and I are up on our watch doing boat checks and making sure everything on this boat is running how it's supposed to. It's a cold morning as usual but I think I like cold mornings better than hot days. I now have some time to sit and think about how the past 11 days went and I just wanted to say that I know that my attitude on this boat has not been the best but I want to say thank y'all for not throwing me overboard. Now that I finally realize that my attitude and actions affects others I've been trying to stay more positive for the sake of everyone on this boat because I'm not the only one on it.

It is currently 1:30 and I finally finished my essay. I showed Mr. Jones and got a 'highly competent.' I knew I had it in me I was just being lazy and didn't care, but now I know that when I actually try, good things come out of that. We are about to go on our second field trip around New Bedford soon so I should be getting ready for that.

It is now 4:40 and we just came back from touring New Bedford. I'm pretty tired but I know that I can't go to sleep yet because I'm on watch till 6 and if I even try to lay down someone will come up to me to wake me up anyway. But anyway today was a good day and let's hope tomorrow's even better.