07/10/18 - Putting expectations and fears aside

Putting expectations and fears aside


Ten days in, four more to go. The food on the boat so far has surprisingly been amazing. For like the 400th time, thank you chef Brandon. A lot of the food I've eaten so far I doubt I would've eaten at home. I guess that's what living on a boat does to you. This morning I woke up in a really good mood because I heard Chef Brandon made his amazing french toast. After I inhaled my french toast we got a chance to go for a swim in our personal 360 degree pool. The water was freezing so I didn't stay in for too long. Later on in the day I got to participate in a little navigation class where I got the chance to learn and better my plotting skills, using longitude and latitude to figure out where we were on the chart. On this trip not only did I learn about knots, navigation, and sailing, but I got to learn more about my shipmates and myself. Coming onto the boat with little to no friends was hard but I'm glad to say I'll be leaving here on the 14th with a handful. Before coming on the Roseway I wasn't sure of what to expect. I didn't expect to be waking up at any time of the night for anchor watch, nor did I expect to be throwing on a harness and walking onto the bow sprit. But I'm glad to say that I put my expectations and fears aside and made the best of this trip. Thank you BDEA for giving me this breathtaking opportunity.