07/09/18 - We all came on this boat with an objective or goal

We all came on this boat with an objective or goal


Roseway trip day # 9/14. Damn it's been 9 days and it feels like just yesterday that we were boarding the ship and sailed away from all things Boston. The day clearly went by slowly, but it was still a great day, especially getting the sails up. It was funny seeing knowledge, Brandyn and Steph sitting on the bow sprit. As always chef Brandon threw it down. Can't wait for tomorrow's meals.

As a reflection on this trip so far, we've gotten some fair shares of sickness and many more. As the days and hours tick down, whether we day it, feel it, etc...we all have gotten closer like a family. I'm gonna miss this experience, no doubt. I've had shares of bad days, bad moments, but with all these wonderful people on this boat, I'm glad that I've meet y'all. We have 4 or 5 days left on this boat. And no matter what, we had a reason for signing the application, passing in the physical form and going to the Roseway meetings. We all came on this boat with an objective or goal while on this trip. When day 14 arrives, not only do I hope that we all achieve our goals but I'm gonna miss everyone on this boat.

BDEA family: not all of us will be here next year, so I want to say I'll miss you and thank you for these 9 days and more to come. But to the ones that'll be here, get ready for school badly. For the Roseway crew: thank you for everything that y'all taught us. There's nothing else to say other than "More Love is OK" (w/ Stone).