07/09/17 - From Strangers to Teammates: Last Day aboard Roseway

From Strangers to Teammates: Last Day aboard Roseway

Boston Harbor, MA

Alexis, Gianna & Yahciry

July 8, 2017: 10 days ago we were strangers and now we’re teammates that have grown together over the past days. From sunny sailing days to awful rainy days we had it all on this boat. Today we went to Thompson Island and we helped cut down trees as part of helping our environment by removing invasive species. After that we had a quick splash ride thanks to Becky’s small boat drive. We then came back on the boat for deckhand Olympics, it was full of cheers and laughter. It proved a point: never doubt the quiet ones because they always have a comeback. 

Above: team of students removing Phragmites. Right: Bill (a National Park Service guide) teaching Carlos, Alexis, and Eddie how to safely use the saws

After that we had a delicious meal from Jen which was our last supper. Now we’re all packed up and ready to go home with wonderful memories from Roseway. These included Zach’s early morning calls to Taylor Swift to shanties and night anchor watches, and let’s not forget “Whaleathon” to jumping out of the boat and Zombie Apocalypse Survival. At last our voyage here on Roseway has come to an end and we leave the peak and throats to the next travelers on this boat. Your fellow summer ambassadors--Yahciry, Alexis and Gianna  

Left: Group photo with Steward Volunteers and NPS Guides. Right: Pin Chase