07/08/18 - The Roseway Family

The Roseway Family


Is this thing on? Oh there we go. This is Christopher on the Roseway, day 8, 3:42 pm. Returning to Boston from our destination. Today was a slow start but it was a good morning. We had Chef Brandon cooking that bomb breakfast, I mean come on chocolate strawberry pancakes, who wouldn't want another plate. After my watch, C-watch, was on active duty, we did our chores to contribute to the crew along with our usual boat check. I personally like boat checks except the engine room it's so hot and intimidating, but other than that measuring the wind is cool and setting our course along with marking our location on the chart, for those that don't know a chart is the map for the water. We also raised our sails today which is always nice. Everyone on the Roseway is pretty chill too, yesterday we had a dance party. Oh the boat is rocking again and I don't wanna drop this...annnnd there we go. But yeah the Roseway is amazing and to be honest I thought I was going to be able to do this. Being around the people I care about for so long now many distance away, and it really got to me and it affected my performance on the Roseway, but over time I got to know my shipmates and bonded with them little by little. And I have to get to everyone even a little bit more and I really mean that. So when we come back to Boston don't see us as just a ship and crew, but as a family, The Roseway Family, ha sounds like a TV show. This is Christopher signing off, and sea you guys next time.