07/08/17 - Braving the Cold and Heavy Rain

Braving the Cold and Heavy Rain

Thompson Island, MA

Baylee, Annabel & Carlos

July 7, 2017: Today we weighed the anchor, right after we woke up from another night full of anchor watches. For breakfast we had waffles and fruit and started through the Cape Cod Canal. We went eight knots faster than the first time we went through it because we were with the current this time. 

Left: Carlos and Bella playing the card game 'set' during R&R. Right: Alex and Bella being diligent bow watch in the fog and rain

After we got through the canal it started getting foggy and then started to rain very hard. As we all took turns braving the cold on our active watches, the others were practicing their knots, pins and coils. Tomorrow we will go to Thompson Island and help out the National Park service. After a long, cold day we will rest well for a nice day of community service tomorrow, our last full day on the Roseway.

Felix on the helm