07/07/17 - Navigation Skills and Arm Wrestling

Navigation Skills and Arm Wrestling

Bourne, MA

Felix, Nick & Eddie

So today we were back at it again with the anchor watches.  After sausage croissant casseroles for breakfast some people jumped off the boat while some stayed out of the water.  Then we set sail for the Cape Cod Canal.  We are very close but will make it there tomorrow. 

Left: Rachel leading a zombie apocalypse chart game with C Watch (Gianna, Eddie, Nick) and Junior Mate Luke. Right: Eddie jumping off the boat for a swim

Next we had a lovely lunch that was sweet and sour pork. After lunch we started our rotations. During Seaman ship Rachel helped us with our navigation skills with a game called “Zombie Apocalypse." We were plotting our course to save ourselves from the zombies. At the last rotation Felix and Luke played catch the captain but the captain won and ran away with the rope. Felix chased him and captain accidently threw the rope overboard. Then Zach and Susie went to go retrieve it on Rosebud. After rotations some of the students did arm wrestling but Luke always won. Next we had delicious nachos for dinner. Then we did our nightly chores and we are writing this message. Signing off and we will see you tomorrow on the Roseway.

Left: Alexis at the helm. Right: Gianna on bow watch