07/07/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: A Foggy Day at Sea

2016 Summer Ambassador Program: A Foggy Day at Sea

C watch – M-Rod, Griffen, Ryan, Truman, Josie, Daniel, Noah, and Joelle

Some of us awoke this morning to go for a swim at 0630 at Cape Cod. The 70 degree water of Cape Cod was a vast improvement on the frigid waters of Southern Maine. Yesterday we ran over a fishing line to avoid hitting a whale. This morning the Captain dove down and cut it off the prop shaft. Following the swim we set sail on a foggy day. Soon the fog set in to where we could barely see a hundred feet in front of us. Peering into the soggy gloom the continuous sounding of the fog horn scared the heck out of us, when there was no warning. We felt important during bow watch because we knew that we were the Captain’s eyes and ears. It was intense because some of us had been in the position of almost getting hit by a boat previously and told these stories at the bow. World Ocean School has tradition of deckhand Olympics where watches compete in feats like rope tying, seamanship, and coiling. Today was the planned day for deckhand Olympics but sadly the fog made it so we couldn’t compete, however we look forward to them tomorrow! The fog briefly cleared as we came into Boston Harbor giving us a great welcome back to Boston. Tomorrow we head to Camp Harbor View and can’t wait to see what Long Island holds!