07/06/18 - A bucket list idea come to life

A bucket list idea come to life


With a successful anchor watch came a successful 5 hours of sleep, finally. Being on the Roseway has been a challenge both physically and mentally. The work is extensive and the people sometimes get annoying, and nerves are worked. However, this experience has ben one of my best so far. I came onto this boat expecting to be working by my lonely, but I have made bonds with people I thought I never would have made bonds with. It's crazy to think how similar everyone really is but at the same time has a special talent lying beneath them that I had no clue about until I came onto the Roseway. These six days have been emotional so far for a lot of people however I'm sure we will all remember this and think back on how amazing this voyage really was. We still have another 8 days to go and I feel like we're already so closely related. On a side note though, New York is really a sight to see. I hope everyone feels the same way as I do because life is short and you need to really enjoy the little things in life. To wrap this up, I'm personally thanking everyone aboard for making a bucket list idea come to life.

P.S. I'd like to appreciate the time and effort from Jones, Eric and Tim for putting up with so much of our childish ways. You have put your differences aside to teach us and that is an amazing skill to carry. Thank you.