07/06/17 - Sleeping In and Raising the Sails

Sleeping In and Raising the Sails

Point Judith, RI

Baylee, Carlos & Yahciry

July 5, 2017: Last night in the ships log we didn’t get the chance to mention that we went to the park and saw 4th of July fireworks. Today, we woke up from an anchor watch-less night and being able to sleep till 8:00 was the best sleep we had in days, it felt like a Christmas gift. After we had breakfast we left Greenport and headed towards Rhode Island, where we are anchoring tonight. 

Left: Luke teaching C Watch sail theory (Nick, Eddie, Gianna). Right: Morning "I'm A Star" jumping

We finally got to raise the sails after 3 days of either being anchored, docked, or motoring. While we were under way some groups got to climb the shrouds and overlook the beautiful sea. We also got to make Turks heads bracelets thanks to Rachel.  Luke gave us a sail theory lesson and taught us more pins. The end, *Now everyone get a good night sleep, back to our old routine because Christmas only happens once a year. 

Left: Annabel halfway aloft. Right: Everyone hanging out watching the sunset

July 4 Anchor Watch Songs

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