07/04/16 - Happy July 4th form the Summer Ambassadors

Happy July 4th form the Summer Ambassadors

Watch leaders: Joelle, Noah; JWO: Madison; Ambassadors: Truman, Ryan, Josie, Griffin, Daniel

Happy Fourth of July!! Today we were able to explore the city of Portland, Maine. We went to a park and we also saw Portland memorials, such as the USS Portland, which received Japan’s surrender and ended World War II. Next we walked to another park where we ate drumstick ice cream for the first time in a week and a half. After our feast of frozen desserts, we walked to the Preble Soup Kitchen where we served dinner to over 300 people. Some of us chopped vegetables while others opened cans and prepared food. The room filled with hundreds of hungry people waiting to be served their Fourth of July meal. Once finished we cleaned up the dining room and returned to Roseway for our own dinner of hamburger and assorted pies. We now sit on this brisk but clear summer night we await the majestic display of fireworks over the harbor water.