07/04/18 - Seeing a lot of bravery in fellow students and crew

Seeing a lot of bravery in fellow students and crew

Niantic, Connecticut

Maddison - B Watch

It's a warm 4th of July morning, and once again Brandon has made us an amazing breakfast. We had veggie frittatas with the perfect side of fresh oranges. Also, today is John's birthday. In reality, he's probably 36, but he believes he's 29, so let's keep it at that. My group B-watch is currently on boat watch from 8-12. Vincent and I are washing the excess pots/pans in the galley, while everyone else is mustering. It was a bit challenging to scrape the food off, and took a while, but we got it done eventually. A bit of bunk organization occurred after breakfast as well. It's now noon, and my head is pounding! I've been having consistent headaches which is causing me not to participate fully in my active watches - but hopefully that all changes soon. For the most part, we (B watch) went over a few safety rules on our 6-hour down time. 

It is now 5:40, and I'm feeling fresh and relaxed! We were fortunate to enough to have some swim time. We are currently anchored down between Long Island and Connecticut, hopefully we'll be in a different part of New York by tomorrow evening. Tonight's dinner is BBQ ribs, corn bread, and curry cauliflower. I must say, every meal that Brandon has prepared so far is delicious. My taste buds haven't been let down once!

It's now 7:17 and my watch is coming to an end. I'm currently watching Denzel un-ravel knots. I saw a lot of bravery from some students, and I must say that I'm impressed. I don't think I'd build up the courage so quick to jump in a harness and climb the sides of this boat like Morgan and Denzel did this morning. Today was a pretty chill day and I hope tomorrow will be an even better day.